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The birth of a translated text is long and arduous. If the translation is good, it will read as naturally as the original and the effort of the birth pangs will not be felt. Translation is not simply substituting words in the source language with equivalent words in the target language. Translation is a specialized profession which must be learned. The trained translator acquires experience and hones his craft and, like good wine, gets better with time. Professional translation demands more than knowledge of two or more languages. It is a craft and an art. And its price reflects the translator’s training, experience and talent. An amateur translation is no more comparable to a professional one than a rough stone is to a cut and polished diamond.
If a low price is your priority, you’ve come to the wrong place. You can always find a bilingual acquaintance or an amateur translator who will offer you a temptingly low price. Or, you can use Google Translate and get a “translation” for nothing – and the results will be accordingly.

More than once, clients have come to me after receiving an unsatisfactory product from a cheap translator. It is well known that “cheap” can be very expensive. As a translator with 20 years of experience, I guarantee you a professional, polished translation that justifies the cost.

The basic rate (not including VAT) is calculated according to a translation unit of 250 words or 1500 characters including spaces.

To these basic rates a surcharge should be added for any of the following considerations:
1.     Scientific, scholarly, technical or other professional texts requiring time for research and /or verification.
2.     Texts in a new area requiring the coinage of new terminology
3.     A literary text, a text with a unique style, or poetry.
4.     An unclear source text (unedited, handwritten, or with numerous corrections).
5.     A rush job.
6.      Translation of films involving viewing and /or with technical limitations on subtitles.
7.     Additional DTP 5desktop publishing) or layout requirements.

Please note that the 250-word rate is minimal and applies to texts shorter than one page.


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